Within seconds, ID Drive™ accelerates the sales process while protecting your business against identity fraud - significantly reducing customer wait time and enabling you to sell more cars in less time. Ready for a test drive?

huntington dealership

“In the first month, we scanned nearly 900 driver’s licenses. Nearly 50% opted for pre-qualification and we converted 36% of those into a sale – making it one of our highest performing and most profitable channels.”

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Huntington Beach Dodge
Huntington Beach, CA

benny boyd dealership

”ID Drive™ and our new “it must be scanned” process means far more leads are getting captured and worked. And for our dealerships It’s been HUGE: it’s led directly to a 10% increase in sales – or, about 50 incremental car sales a month.”

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Benny Boyd Automotive
Lampasas, TX

hilltop dealership

“We are in Richmond CA, High rate of fraud and crime....Can't put a number on the amount of money we have saved with eLEND’s ID Drive™ just in stopping fraud alone!!”

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Hilltop CDJR
Richmond, CA

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