Auto Dealership Sales Tips: Best Practices and Addressing Common Issues

Trying to sell cars is one of the most challenging career choices, though it’s not impossible when you truly understand unique sales tactics. More so, you need to understand the psychology of customers and how to approach them. Because you’re likely dealing with competitors a few miles away, using smart auto dealership sales tips differing from theirs offers you a more competitive edge.

The question is, what kind of best practices and issues do you need to address? If you already know the basics of car salesmanship, what elements are you missing if you feel like you’re losing business lately?

Sales techniques run across common problems that sometimes have to do with lack of technology or wrong customer approaches. Fortunately, you have fixes available for all of these with a little awareness.

Here at eLEND Solutions, we offer various digital tools that make auto sales procedures more transparent and efficient. Let’s take a look at the best sales tips today and how technology helps.

Meeting and Greeting Customers

There isn’t any better way to personalize your sales techniques than doing a personal meet and greet the minute a customer arrives. What’s important here is the art of the first impression. You have to give a positive impression within 30 seconds, or it could turn a customer off on being receptive.

It’s always better to remove any of the old car salesman cliches when first approaching the customer. Don’t get too pushy, and don’t give hints you’re putting on an act.

Being natural and smiling is enough to let a customer warm to you. Later, you can use other tactics to close a sale.

Letting the Customer Speak About What They Want

A major mistake in sales is talking too much rather than letting the customer speak for themselves. Let them tell you want they’re looking for in a car rather than pushing them toward something you think they need.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t lead off with a few simple questions so you get an idea of what they want. Asking the customer what brought them to your dealership can help you decipher whether they’re really interested in buying or just looking.

Providing Easy Credit Opportunities

A major reason a customer might not buy is because they don’t have credit to do so. At eLEND Solutions, we’ve provided Credit Plus as a digital method of giving the customer instant credit approval rather than filling out protracted credit applications.

Now they can become pre-approved before they even visit your dealership. A “Pick My Payment” feature allows the customer to match up their credit profile and the car they want with dealership finance sources.

When the customer comes in, they’ll be ready to buy while enhancing your approach to sales.

Bringing Mobile Technology to Sales

The more you can do to use sales techniques through mobile, the better. While you still need face-to-face interaction, you’ll bring faster sales using our ID Drive to help vet customers before working with them on a financing plan.

This automatically scans the driver’s license of your customers in all 50 states so you get a background check done immediately. All information transfers to your CRM for immediate access whenever needed.

Even more important is MobiLot, which helps you organize sales and finance details through a mobile dashboard when you have to work away from your dealership.

Through MobiLot, you nurture leads on your mobile device and still make a sale without having to meet with a customer in person to sign on the dotted line.

Contact us at eLEND Solutions to use our platform to streamline how you sell cars and eliminate protracted financing methods.


About The Author
Pete brings 40+ years of experience in automotive finance and technology as Founder and CEO of eLEND Solutions™, an automotive FinTech company providing a middleware solution designed to power transactional digital retailing buying experiences. The platform specializes in hybrid credit report, identity verification, and ‘pre-desking’ solutions, accelerating end-to-end purchase experiences - helping dealers sell more cars! Faster! 

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