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You are in the business of selling cars.  We are in the business of helping you sell more of them 

We specialize in digital credit, identity and finance solutions – for remote and showroom shoppers – designed to accelerate conversions of visitors to buyers.

Used together as part of a digital-first, credit-first buying experience:

  • Enables early realistic payment quoting, transparent negotiations, and faster transitions to and through F&I.

  • Eliminates online to in-store frictions, directly leading to an improved buying experience and new profit opportunities.

  • Connects with your existing service providers and requires no switching costs.

  • Sells more cars in less time, guaranteed.

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Longo Toyota

For 10 years, eLEND has provided Longo Toyota with first class products, matched with first-class service. Their Credit Solutions are a key component of our Digital Retailing strategies and enabled us to offer a totally paperless credit experience for our in-store customers. They power our credit applications and have an API with our Roadster Retailing tool. eLEND has been a great business partner, allowing us to move towards a fully digital experience for our guests”.