Digital Finance Transformation: 4 Key Innovations

photo - speed of finance digital transformation for dealers

If you are in the business of selling cars or managing a successful dealership, you already know digital innovations have already fundamentally changed the way cars are bought and sold.  Whether it’s enhancing customer buying experiences, streamlining workflows or driving profitability – the future of car sales is here, and it’s digital. Beyond digital retailing,…

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Automotive Solutions Dealers Need to Boost Sales

Automotive Solutions for Dealers

At eLEND Solutions, an automotive fin-tech pioneer, our goal is to help dealers sell more cars in less time. In this blog, we’ve compiled actionable strategies and tools for your dealership, designed to refine customer experiences, boost sales performance, and drive continual growth within a competitive market. Navigating through all the available automotive solutions and…

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Dealer Tools: Key to Your Dealership’s Success

black and white photo - car at a car dealership with a statistic graphic pointing upwards

The automotive retail industry is undergoing significant changes driven by the digitization of the car buying journey, evolving consumer buying experiences, personalization, and AI-powered sales and technology advancements.  Success requires a comprehensive strategy that involves transforming beyond traditional, outdated sales processes to sell the way the customer wants to buy.  A more simplified, convenient process…

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Innovate Your Automotive Desking Software Strategies

automotive desking software

Uncovering the transformative impact of automotive desking software strategies and the pivotal role of pre-desking tools in refining sales processes and elevating dealership customer interactions. Join us in exploring the dynamics of automotive desking software systems and their integration with pre-desking tools for a streamlined retail experience and more profitable transactions. Automotive Desking Software In…

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